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AlUla, the next page in history
AlUla over many thousands of years has been home to innovation, evolved society, leaders of civilizations. Now, AlUla is ready to awaken again.
Under governance of the Royal Commission for AlUla, the County of AlUla will be responsibly developed over the next 15 years with an aim to contribute 120 billion SAR per year to the country’s GDP by 2035.
The transformation of the region, which is positioned as a ‘place of heritage for the world’, offers early adopters a first mover advantage with many opportunities to invest in the region across multiple sectors.
Identified as one of Saudi Arabia’s most promising tourism destinations, AlUla offers a core market and immense potential for growth to its investor set.
Sectors of Development:
Aviation and Logistics
The experience of AlUla will begin on arrival. Most visitors will arrive through Prince Abdul Majeed bin Abdulaziz Airport. The airport will be cutting edge, reflecting a modern interpretation of AlUla’s traditional architecture.
Conventional means of transportations to and from the airport will be re-envisioned. Unique, creative and exciting experiences to reach one’s accommodation will be explored and building, landscapes and civic spaces will offer authentic clues that one has arrived in AlUla.

Earmarked as Saudi Arabia’s premier tourism destination, AlUla will be developed into a centre of excellence and benchmark for luxury in the hospitality sector. With developments of a 40-key luxury resort already completed and ground-broken on the hyper-lux resort designed by famed-architect Jean Nouvel, invitation to hospitality leaders globally is well underway.

Security and Communications
A comprehensive security approach based on strategic fenceless surveillance, high-tech intelligence and differentiated levels of controls and protection including use of design of buildings and spaces, will allow AlUla to curate a high-level of living with non-invasive measures to ensure safety and security of all residents and visitors.

Urban Development
Urban communities, support areas and an urban oasis are the necessary services and ancillary functions for the development of AlUla. These compact urban environments will be designed to be low impact, pedestrian-friendly, sustainable, smart developments.
The service area will include state-of-the-art business enterprise, water and waste treatment facilities and all of the required equipment to provide the highest living standards for visitors and residents.

Retail and Public Services
With mixed-use urban development planned across South AlUla, Central AlUla and Mughaira to drive regeneration, key social infrastructure will be implemented to foster lively, budding communities and reinforce AlUla’s authentic character.
Central and South AlUla and Mughaira will offer all of the elements necessary for a complete, sustainable, pedestrian-friendly community and will offer a wonderful place to live and visit.
RCU’s vision is to transform AlUla into a world-class destination leveraging its archaeological, urban, cultural and landscape assets. Over the next two decades AlUla will become one of the beacons of Saudi Arabia and beyond.
If you are interested in exploring opportunities in AlUla for development and investment please contact the development team at the Royal Commission for AlUla.