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Overview of the programme
Hammayah is a programme launched by Royal Commission for AlUla to engage, work with and grow with the AlUla community. It is a community engagement programme for up to 2,500 citizens in AlUla that will position them as the guardians of AlUla’s heritage by raising awareness within their communities. Participants will create social engagement and support RCU and the local community’s efforts in preserving AlUla’s cultural, historical and natural heritage.
The programme aims to engage AlUla residents from all community segments and socioeconomic levels.

Programme structure
The programme will include informative workshops about the environment, heritage and history, and the importance
of protecting it. Participants will be compensated with SAR2000 per month for completing the following tasks:
1. Participation in community efforts, programs and initiatives related to the conservation of nature, environment, heritage
and archeology (including but not limited to: supporting the Royal Commission and the community by participating
in community service projects).
2. Attend awareness workshops prepared for as programme supplementation throughout participation in the programme.
3. Participating in the community round and documenting any changes on the environmental, natural, heritage and
archaeological sites in AlUla.
Number of participants
2,500 men and women from AlUla.
Programme milestones
Dec 27, 2018 Application portal launch.
Afterwards Applications will continue on a rolling basis.
Third quarter of 1440 H (first quarter of 2019) Registration period

Goals of the programme
  • To engage the locals as stakeholders in the protection of AlUla and the primary guardians of their home and heritage.
  • To promote community advocacy as a method for the protection of the natural, cultural, and historical assets of AlUla.
  • To instil a sense of community cooperation and civic duty and responsibility towards AlUla and its heritage.

Breakdown of participants selected to date
(This list is expanding on a daily basis)
Note: Applications are being evaluated on a rolling basis. The demographic breakdown below highlights the first selected participants who fit all the criteria outlined by the programme.

Age Group Male Female
18-22 4  3
23-27 3 4
28-30 3 3
Total 10 10 

Application requirements
1. Applicant must have Saudi Arabian Citizenship and be born in AlUla.
2. Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 30 years old.
3. Applicant must pass the in-person interview.