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Filming in AlUla

Filming in AlUla
Virtually undiscovered, AlUla County - a region in Northwest Saudi Arabia – offers some of the world’s most sensational scenery and unseen historical monuments across an area the size of Belgium.
Be one of the first to take advantage of this hidden treasure as AlUla opens its doors to the world for the first time.
AlUla can offer strong commercial and environmental advantages which include:
  • Numerous historical sites and spectacular natural landscape
  • Privacy and exclusivity as AlUla’s main sites are closed to the public until Q4 2020
  • Highly competitive incentives unlimited to geography
  • Cash-back rebates not limited to services within KSA
  • Nine-month season of agreeable weather conditions
  • Facilitation of all governmental relations and necessary permissions
Unmatched Scenery
AlUla County is home to 200,000 years of history with monuments ranging from the Stone Age, through the Ancient Arabian Kingdoms, to the Nabateans and Ottoman Empire. With eighteen core heritage and natural sites AlUla’s variety and benefit as a ‘new’ destination, previously untouched by the Film and Location Industry, is highly appealing.
Highly Competitive Incentive Programme
AlUla’s rebate and incentive programme is the most generous and appealing in the region, offering a 30% rebate system and 10% cash back scheme against services in the MENA region for feature length production projects.
AlUla enjoys a temperate climate from September to April allowing for uninterrupted access to location. With several micro climates within AlUla County, you will be able to find desert, lush oasis, mountain, volcano and wildlife in AlUla.
The Royal Commission for AlUla is tasked with promoting, preserving and protecting the AlUla region. Successful applicants will also receive on ground logistical support, including scouting assistance, local partnership management, and permits and customs clearance support.
Now is a unique time in AlUla’s long history – be one of the first to discover this unseen wonder of the world and advance its reveal to the world.
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