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The Royal Commission for Al-Ula aims to launch a partnership between RCU and the local investors in the region by providing housing units in line with the technical and construction standards set by the Royal Commission for Al-Ula. 

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Name a Rock Competition

About the Competition “Name a Rock… Leave a Mark!”Name a Rock is a competition launched by the Royal Commission for AlUla to take participants to the heart of AlUla to explore the unique and awe-inspiring rock formations that characterize the county and gives explorers the opportunity to name these distinctive formations and introduce them to the world. After evaluating the entries, three winners will be announced and cash prizes will be awarded.

The Integrated Survey of AlUla Region

The integrated survey of AlUla county brings together international and local world-leading archaeologists to achieve a sustainable transformation and to enable local, regional and international visitors to learn about the richness of its cultural, historical and natural heritage.

Tour Operators Workshop in AlUla region

On the 27th of June 2018, the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) held a constructive day of discussion and engagement with over 30 local and national tour operators in AlUla to deliver the responsible development of tourism for the AlUla region.

Scholarships Programme

The Royal Commission for AlUla is sending a group of students from AlUla to pursue diplomas, bachelor's degrees or postgraduate studies in international educational institutions in several countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and France. Areas of study were selected according to the disciplines that support the strategic direction of AlUla, to ensure that the students will contribute and participate in development activities and occupy future jobs upon completion of their degrees.
The registration date for the second phase of the scholarship program will be announced soon.

Hammaya Programme

The Hammayah programme is a community advocacy and engagement initiative which will provide 2500 employment opportunities for the people of the AlUla governorate. The programme aims to increase community engagement in the region by encouraging locals to become stewards of AlUla's cultural and natural heritage. The programme will operate through workshops during which RCU representatives will discuss with locals the best practices for protecting and promoting the archaeological and heritage sites in AlUla. Once participants have completed the programme, they are encouraged to spread awareness within the community about the conservation of the region and to promote AlUla as a tourist destination to local, regional, and global audiences. 

Sharaan Nature Reserve and The Global Fund for the Arabian Leopard

 The Sharaan Nature Reserve initiative includes the establishment of a global fund for the protection and reproduction of the Arabian leopard.” The development of the nature reserve focuses on the rehabilitation of the region’s natural ecosystem, development of vegetation by planting indigenous acacia trees and reintroduction of wild species into the reserve based on global standards, specifically per the International Union for Conservation of Nature Reintroduction Guidelines. During the event, local park rangers trained by the Saudi Wildlife Authority together with the Mweka Wildlife College in Tanzania released 10 Nubian ibexes, 10 red-necked ostriches and 20 idmi gazelles into the reserve. 

Sharaan Resort

Designed by visionary French architect Jean Nouvel and his team, the resort will be part of a fully-integrated master-planned destination for visitors with 40 keys including 25 suites, 10 pavilions, and 5 resort residential estates with an anticipated completion by 2023. There will also be 40 separate residential estates as well as an International Summit Centre. This development’s revolutionary approach to taking its creative lead from nature will pull AlUla to the forefront of architectural design and position it on the global stage. 

Royal Commission for AlUla and Panthera partner on new Arabian Leopard Initiatives (ALI)

The establishment of a global fund focuses on the protection and enhancement of remaining wild populations, captive breeding programmes, international collaborations, community-based conservation projects and scientific research to support the future of this rare species. The Arabian Leopard Initiatives (ALI) that will be at the heart of the agreement with Panthera are fully aligned with the objectives of the RCU Charter and its goals to deliver a sensitive and responsible transformation of the AlUla region and its unique constellation of heritage, nature and art.