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The Royal Commission for AlUla and the World Bank sign new strategic agreement to support the sustainable regeneration of the county’s economy and community

 New partnership will leverage the World Bank’s expertise to deliver a comprehensive and inclusive framework to power AlUla’s ongoing development  Global financial and knowledge institution will provide technical support for RCU’s sustainability, inclusive, and cultural agenda

Research supported by Royal Commission for AlUla provides new insights into huge, ancient animal traps known as ‘kites’

New peer-reviewed research into ancient stone-built animal traps, known as ‘desert kites’, reveals sophisticated and extensive hunting of wild animals from the Late Neolithic and shows the ingenuity and perhaps collaborative nature of the region’s peoples in the past.

Along Arabia’s ancient incense route, craftsmanship and community unite to restore centuries-old mosques of AlUla’s old town

AlUla, Saudi Arabia, 18 September 2020: The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) today announced it is in the final stages of restoration work on the centuries-old Hamad Bin Yunus and AlZawiyah mosques in AlUla Old Town. For over 800 years a stopping point for pilgrims to Mecca and situated near the ancient earlier spice and incense trade routes, the town was only abandoned in the early 1980s.

Royal Commission for AlUla highlights unique formula for SME growth as Global Entrepreneurship Congress begins in Riyadh

As delegates from around the world gather for the Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2022 in Riyadh, the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) is highlighting its unique approach to SME growth which places an emphasis on integrated sustainability

Royal Commission for AlUla accorded government membership status by International Union for Conservation of Nature

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU), which is regenerating a vast swathe of north-west Saudi Arabia as a leading global destination for cultural and natural heritage, has been officially announced as a government member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Inaugural Arabian Leopard Day kicks off across the region and shines a spotlight on saving the species

Being held on February 10, the first-ever Arabian Leopard Day focuses international attention on important and ongoing conservation efforts in AlUla and beyond

Mysterious ancient tombs reveal 4,500-year-old highway network in north-west Arabia

Archaeologists from the University of Western Australia (UWA) have determined that the people who lived in ancient north-west Arabia built long-distance ‘funerary avenues’

Birth of rare Arabian Leopard cub marks significant milestone in saving a critically endangered species

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) announces the birth of an Arabian leopard cub, offering hope for the revival of her critically endangered species.

In AlUla, archaeologists uncover earliest evidence of a domesticated dog in Arabia

Pioneering research dates canine bones found in north-west Saudi Arabia burial site to between circa 4200 and 4000 BCE

AlUla Endurance Cup, a flagship equestrian race event, postponed to December 2021

The equestrian race event, organised by the Royal Commission for AlUla in partnership with the Saudi Arabian Equestrian Federation, was set to be held in AlUla next month.

New archaeological finds in Saudi Arabia’s AlUla are filling in “missing links” in the history of the region

Amid a vast and enigmatic monumental landscape, forgotten kingdoms, and layers of history, archaeologists are only just beginning to reveal the secrets of this heritage jewel in north-west Saudi Arabia. As winter approaches and international travel allows, archaeological work is resuming in AlUla, a historically rich region that has been relatively untouched in comparison to similar places. In what has become one of the world’s most active archaeological explorations, experts are beginning to fill in missing links in our understanding of the region’s human history with new discoveries – and further announcements are expected soon.

New Jean Nouvel concept designs unveil a new era in architecture: a world-first ‘masterpiece’ resort hidden within the rock dwellings of AlUla, Northwest Arabia

New concept designs for the Sharaan by Jean Nouvel resort revealed today offer a deeper understanding of the architect’s daring vision for AlUla, the cultural oasis in north-west Arabia.

AlUla Dates Festival welcomes visitors every day in its third week

After two successful weekends, the AlUla Dates Festival has expanded its programme to welcome visitors every evening in its third and final week until 17 October with farmers and family producers selling and showcasing their dates and other handicrafts and delicacies.

G20 Youth Delegates Experience AlUla’s Heritage through Virtual Tour

Delegates to the G20 Youth 20 Summit, the ‘Y20’, were taken on a virtual tour of AlUla in Northwest Saudi Arabia during a recent presentation by a fellow Y20 delegate.

2 million palms, 2,000 years of growth, one festival: AlUla Dates Festival launches next month

From 2 – 17 October 2020, the AlUla Dates Festival will bring together date farmers, buyers and investors amid the ancient heritage and palm groves of AlUla.Every weekend for three weeks, the festival will feature an early morning farmers’ market where commercial buyers can purchase at auction more than 200 tons of the different date varieties offered by some of AlUla’s 2,000 local date farmers. This will be followed by an afternoon and evening community souq where visitors can buy local arts and crafts or enjoy date-inspired food and delicacies from local families and chefs.

Royal Commission for AlUla and Monsha’at partner to unlock region’s economic and diversification potential

Entrepreneurs and SMEs in AlUla, in northwest Saudi Arabia, are set to benefit from a new agreement between The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) and the Saudi Arabian Government’s Small & Medium Sized Enterprises General Authority (Monsha’at). At the heart of the partnership is a plan to establish a new co-working space in AlUla where local SMEs and entrepreneurs can access support services to accelerate their growth, helping them succeed through the provision of knowledge and expertise and enhancing the entrepreneurial spirit to contribute to a sustainable, diversified economy in AlUla.

Saudi Arabian Equestrian Federation partners with the Royal Commission for AlUla to unlock potential equestrianism for tourism economic growth and investors

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) and the Saudi Arabian Equestrian Federation (SAEF) have signed a three-year Memorandum of Collaboration (MoC) to develop and expand equestrianism in AlUla.

Royal Commission for AlUla and Habitas partner to create experiential resort in Ashar Valley, AlUla

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) has started construction of a new community-focused, eco-friendly resort in the desert canyons of Ashar Valley AlUla following the signing of a new partnership with Habitas.

Royal Commission for AlUla unveils expansion with Accor in partnership with the Banyan Tree brand

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) has announced a partnership agreement with Accor as part of its strategy to develop AlUla as a tourism destination for nature, culture and heritage.

Arab News en Français signs MoU with the Royal Commission for AlUla, another milestone alliance in bringing the region’s culture and heritage to the world

Arab News en Français, the newly launched online French language edition of the Middle East’s leading English language daily, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with “Experience AlUla” aiming to enhance knowledge and enrich content in French focusing on archaeology, heritage, history and sustainable tourism.

Royal Commission for AlUla completes second phase of airport expansion, increasing annual capacity by 300% as several routes re-open

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) has today announced, in collaboration with the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), the completion of the second phase of AlUla’s airport development project, a key component of its strategy to position the city as a major tourism destination and logistics hub.

Baby gazelle’s wobbly first steps point towards a new future for AlUla’s nature reserves and the potential return of Arabian leopards

The gazelle fawn took its first wobbly steps within the breathtaking Hejaz mountains of Saudi Arabia’s AlUla region. The fawn was watched by its mother and, unbeknownst to the pair, by rangers from AlUla’s Sharaan Nature Reserve.

Residents given the tools to design a new AlUla South with AlUla Design Studio (UDS)

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) today launched the AlUla Design Studio (UDS), a new public service that will play a core role in the urban regeneration of AlUla’s public realm.

Building permits to open March 15 in AlUla South, says CEO Amr AlMadani

AlMadani: AlUla South will be the backbone of sustainable urban development to achieve AlUla’s vision

Major exhibition presenting treasures of the ancient crossroads of AlUla in Saudi Arabia opens at the Institut du monde arabe in Paris

AlUla is a historically significant desert oasis in the north west of Saudi Arabia.

RCU Governor HH Prince Badr bin Farhan Al-Saud directs start of substantial development projects in AlUla, expands community engagement initiatives

AlUla’s Prince Abdulmajeed Bin Abdulaziz Airport to be transformed by end of 2019 to meet international standards with increased aircraft parking and multiple structural and design upgrades, improving the travel experience.

Royal Commission for AlUla Announces Partnership with Prestigious Luxury Hotel & Resort Brand Aman

Three Aman destinations to be built at AlUla in North-West, Saudi Arabia

Royal Commission for AlUla hosts first workshop for Tour Operators in AlUla

On 27th June 2018, the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) held a constructive day of discussion and engagement with over 30 local and national tour operators in AlUla, introducing participants to the Commission and its mandate to d...

Royal Commission for AlUla organizes training programme to prepare 168 Saudi youth for international scholarship

10-week course to equip candidates with language and soft skills capabilities under guidance of expert teachers and counsellors The Royal Commission for AlUla is conducting an intensive 10-week language and skills development course for 168 young Saudi citizens ...

Royal Commission for AlUla launches Archaeology programme in AlUla

Integrated survey of AlUla region brings together world-leading archaeologists Closure of Mada’in Salih, Al-Khuraybah and Jabal ‘Ikmah re-opening to the public in 2020. A major integrated archaeological survey of the AlUla valley and beyond has been launched by the Royal Commission for...

In continuation of the Royal Commission for AlUla’s global partnerships, Saudi Arabia joins hands with France on sustainable development of AlUla

Agreement signed in the presence of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, French President Emmanuel Macron Long-term project to protect, develop and promote AlUla’s historical and cultural sites, create thriving economy in line with Vision 2030

Royal Commission for AlUla launches international scholarship programme

Programme offers opportunity to study specialisations such as tourism, hospitality, agricultural technologies, archaeology and history Students can earn diplomas, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees Entry to the programme open from 28 January to 28 February The Royal Commission for A.

Saudi Arabia’s Royal Commission for AlUla Announces Birth of Two Arabian Leopard Cubs in Significant Boost to Critically Endangered Subspecies

The male and female cubs born in Saudi Arabia to 10-year-old mother Hamms represent hope for the renewal of a subspecies estimated to be less than 200 strong in the wild Cubs born on 26 April have passed crucial 12-week development milestone and undergone first examinations and vac

The Royal Commission for AlUla enter the Metaverse with first fully explorable 3D model of Hegra’s Tomb of Lihyan, a UNESCO World Heritage site

Monument will be the first-ever UNESCO landmark to be recreated in the Metaverse, giving online visitors the opportunity to explore AlUla’s most famous monument inside and out, from anywhere in the world An innovative and inclusive expansion of AlUla’s unique appeal on a trans-global scale, Hegra landmark will accessible via the online platform and virtual world, Decentraland