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Strong and Transparent Relationship
The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) seeks to build close and strong business relationships with its suppliers in different specialties. These relationships must be built on a fixed set of values, most importantly: trust, credibility, integrity and common interest. RCU aims at mutual benefit with its suppliers by helping them in developing their businesses and improving their standards in order to create a better community for them, where transparency, justice and the spirit of fair competition prevails. In order to achieve this, RCU adopted a set of general rules and provisions in addition to the standards that ensure dealing with suppliers with justice and integrity, and both parties obtain the expected benefit without causing any damage to the competitive environment and to the public sphere as a whole.
Participation in Tenders
In order to participate in tenders offered by RCU, you are kindly requested to register as a qualified supplier since it is a prerequisite for receiving any requests for proposals or quotations.
Supplier Registration
RCU conducts business with registered suppliers only. This means that each supplier has to successfully complete a registration process and provide the required documents to be qualified as an approved supplier.
Supplier Relationship Management
For any inquiry about the supplier registration or qualification, please contact us.