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The Royal Commission for AlUla launches the second phase of its scholarship programme

• The programme contributes to building a knowledgeable society with the necessary skills and abilities, in line with RCU’s strategic objectives; • Students will receive a high-quality education and unique experiences that will make them valuable assets in the transformation and revitalisation of the region; • The programme will enable the youth of AlUla to get academic and professional training and enhance their skills as the future leaders of AlUla. KSA, AlUla: The Royal Commission for AlUla has launched the second phase of its Scholarship programme, which gives successful applicants the opportunity to pursue degrees at prestigious universities and academic institutions in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Australia. This comes as part of the Royal Commission’s commitment to working with the local community to build their capabilities and develop the region sustainably. The programme aims to improve the leadership skills of the students, while developing their entrepreneurial capabilities in different fields of their choice. The students will also learn the languages of their host countries. The Scholarship programme is strategically built to provide students with the skills, expertise, specialties and tools that the labour market will need in the future. Upon their return to AlUla, the Royal Commission aims for them to contribute to shape the future of the region. The programme has been designed to span up to five years, ensuring the development of new and vibrant sectors of the local economy for the students to take a part in the transformation once they receive their training, education and fruitful experiences. After the positive response to the first phase of the scholarship programme, which was launched last year (i.e., 2018), the Royal Commission expanded the second phase of the programme to allow for 300 male and female students to encourage the largest possible number of bright young people to join. The programme will prepare them to participate in building a promising future for the country and to play a leading role in achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. Through the scholarship programme, students can obtain diplomas, bachelor's and master's degrees in different areas such as tourism, hospitality, agricultural techniques, archaeology, history and other disciplines that can help facilitate the development efforts in AlUla. During the registration period, RCU will hold awareness sessions for the community’s youth, parents and academics to highlight the importance of the programme and its role in building a generation of forward-thinking individuals to lead the transformation process that takes place in AlUla. This will enhance the skilled labour market in AlUla. Commenting on the initiative, Abdullah AlKhelaiwi, Chief of Economic and Social Development at the Royal Commission for AlUla, said: "The people of AlUla are our partners in our plans to develop and transform the region. Therefore, we must work hand-in-hand to achieve the objectives of the Royal Commission for AlUla and the Kingdom more broadly. The youth of AlUla are the future of the province, and therefore investing in them is the most important kind of investment for us to make. Knowledge and worldly experience contribute to the strengthening of the local economy, as it will empower the youth to lead the various sectors, which, in turn, will empower the local community that will witness significant change and promising opportunities as a result." "Our plans, programmes and initiatives are inspired by the Vision 2030, and we are working to fully realize them and achieve the transformation that the Kingdom is seeking. We are working to open our doors to the world for tourism, as well as for cultural and informational exchange," he added. AlUla's youth interested in applying for the scholarship programme can register through the programme's portal on RCU’s website.