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Urban Regeneration

Applications for building permits and commercial activities in AlUla South are now open. Click here to get started today.

AlUla South is the first phase of sustainable urban development and is part of RCU’s wider plan to make AlUla a better place to live work and visit.

This land has been chosen as it has a high number of vacant plots in a low-density area which is safe and suitable for development following the completion of flood water assessments.

A new look AlUla

The design of new buildings will be informed by a new set of guidelines designed to ensure future development is in harmony with AlUla’s landscape and beauty. These guidelines are included in a series of suggested designs that landowners and their appointed architects can choose from. The new guidelines are inspired by traditional building practices and homes of AlUla and feature characteristics such as:

  • Shaded inner courtyards to improve the flow of natural light and provide a private social area;
  • More efficient use of space resulting in bigger properties;
  • Colours and materials which compliment AlUla’s natural landscape;
  • Protection from the elements;
  • Commercial properties set back from the street to create more space for walking;
  • Shaded sidewalks and social areas to improve existing neighborhoods.

A new design studio will help upgrade properties

To help ensure we’re creating a more beautiful urban environment, a new design studio is being established to help residents and architects upgrade existing and new buildings using the new AlUla building guidelines. 

The design studio will provide expert advice on how to upgrade your building so that it’s safe, sustainable, and superbly designed for a better quality of life – while making sure urban areas are developed in harmony with the landscape.

How you can get started today

If your land falls within the area marked in the map below, and you wish to apply for a building permit, please contact the RCU Call Centre on 920025852 or email with the following details:

  • Name
  • Address
  • If you have appointed an architect, the details of the company
  • The plot number of your land in the designated development area
  • And send to a copy of your title deed and the land survey, if you have completed one

Once we receive these details, we will contact you to inform you that you can proceed to the Balady system to start your building permit application.

What happens after that?

After you’re notified by our call centre, visit the Balady website to begin your building permit application and encourage your selected architect to contact the Public Design Studio.

  • If you own land in AlUla South and wish to build, you can apply for a permit to start the process.

  • If you have a pending application you will need to resubmit this on the Balady system.

If you are an architect that has been appointed to design a building in AlUla, please contact the new Public Design Studio on

Regardless of your status, all members of our community stand to benefit from the long-term plans to create new attractive communities with accessible green spaces, public areas and improved facilities that will make AlUla a better place to live.

Want to know more?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for further information.

RCU will support you through every stage of this process.

Please call 920025852 or email to speak to our team for specific further queries.