Arabian Leopard

A commitment to safeguarding
the critically endangered species.

Amr AlMadani
Amr AlMadani,
Chief Executive Officer
Royal Commission for AlUla
The Arabian Leopard is a powerful symbol of our aim to conserve and safeguard AlUla’s natural environment through far-reaching conservation efforts designed to protect the natural flora and fauna of this incredible part of north-west Arabia.


10th February

A special day

From Social Media to skyscrapers

A New Hope

for an endangered species

Inspiration For

Conservation & Restoration


Hope for future generations


A sign of hope, our newest spirited Arabian Leopard cub was born on April 23 2021, at RCU's breeding centre in Taif, Saudi Arabia. This birth sparks hope for future generations, shedding light on how captive breeding programmes conserve the majestic species when loss of habitat has vastly reduced their numbers in the wild.


A 7KM Walk

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With International Experts


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