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Royal Commission for AlUla launches Hammayah program

• The Hammayah program aims to build awareness among AlUla locals regarding the importance of preserving their cultural and natural heritage and celebrating their roles as custodians of their culture • RCU will select 2500 locals to attend organized workshops as a means to increase local participation in the development of AlUla as a tourist destination The Royal Commission for AlUla launched its Hammayah programme, a community advocacy and engagement initiative which will provide 2500 employment opportunities for the people of the AlUla governorate. The program aims to increase community engagement in the region by encouraging locals to become stewards of AlUla’s cultural and natural heritage. The program will operate through workshops during which RCU representatives will discuss with locals the best practices for protecting and promoting the archaeological and heritage sites in AlUla. Once participants have completed the program, they are encouraged to spread awareness within the community about the conservation of the region and to promote AlUla as a tourist destination to local, regional, and global audiences. Commenting on the initiative, Abdul Aziz Al-Aqeel, the Royal Commission for AlUla’s Chief County Operations Officer, said: "We are delighted to launch one of the most important community initiatives in AlUla. In addition to preserving historical and archaeological sites in the province, the initiative seeks to benefit the society through engaging them in the heritage preservation and urban development in AlUla, to be the custodians of this precious and dear part of our homeland, as well as providing educational and training workshops to raise awareness." "When RCU draws up plans and programmes, it doesn’t only look at the material aspect of AlUla, represented in its heritage, historical and natural sites, but we attach particular importance to the human side of the province, who represent the main catalyst behind development processes for the good of all of them."